Python Script to Validate VMAX3 Hot Spare Drives Compliance

In VMAX3 or any enterprise-class storage arrays, hot spares are used to replace failing or failed disks in the storage array. Hot Spare drives need to be of the same configuration and size (can be larger) as that of the failing/failed disk. VMAX3 with Hypermax use Direct Sparing to automatically replace a failing disk. Please click here to know more…

This script would fetch hot spare drives count per VMAX3 array and generates a dash. This dash shows compliance report across all DCs.

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Multi Apps installer for Windows

I joined the company Virtustream yesterday and got a brand new Dell Latitude E5470 laptop. It has all basic software’s preinstalled through image but still missing many tools which I use in my day to day work.

A simple way to install most of the productive tools at one go is Just select what you want to install from the list of software’s and download a small file and execute it. That’s it! all your software’s will be installed automatically and ready to use. There wont be any pop-ups or prompts asking for confirmation etc…


Happy New Year 2017!

Connect external USB HD to Raspberry Pi


I wanted to connect the external USB disk to backup logs, configuration files and other critical data which are running on Raspberry Pi internal SD card.

I was trying to connect external USB HD to Raspberry Pi. Though the LED was lit, disk was not detected by Pi. I felt something wrong with the disk so for testing it, connected USB disk to laptop. Disk was detected successfully and was able to read write some files to it. After googling for a while found that the root issue was inadequate power from Pi to USB Disk.

I bought an external powered USB Transcend TS-HUB3K from the local computer shop. It worked like a charm 🙂

Now, I’ve connected two USB disks instead of one and still two more ports left to connect USB stick or any other USB device without worries about lack of power supply from Pi.

Simple snapshot tool for Linux

I was looking for a simple yet powerful backup / snapshot tool which would help me in taking regular backups of my Raspberry Pi. Pi is my personal AIO server running website, LAMP stack, Mail server, NAS services etc…

I’ve chosen rsnapshot which is based on rsync. This tool suits perfectly for my backup / snapshot requirement and works like a charm.

Download a copy and give it a try. Happy learning and Backup-ing!!

NoSQL is Breaking Storage - The Home of Storage Switzerland

NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Couchbase are quickly becoming key components of the modern IT infrastructure. However this modernization creates new challenges – especially for storage. These modern applications all count on DRAM memory to deliver rapid results to user queries, but while memory is fast it is also expensive and there is only so much that can be installed per server.

When these applications run out of RAM they have to fetch data from storage devices and when that happens performance declines…rapidly. There is also the challenge that memory is volatile, new data must be quickly written to persistent storage.

The Problems with NoSQL Architectures

The default design of a NoSQL architecture, like those Cassandra and Couchbase use, leverage commodity. However, white box servers to keep costs down. They cluster servers together creating a scale out architecture that handles both compute and storage needs. In those servers, IT designers…

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IBM Storwize V7000 Snapshots Report

There was a requirement came to me to capture the snapshots details on an IBM Storwize V7000 storage. so, I wrote a simple PERL script to generate HTML report and send it to the stake holders and storage team via email. I’ve used the command ‘lsfcmap’ to list the snapshot details. Using PERL I’ve captured required output in desired order and format to suit our requirements.

Please find below report generated and sent over an email (split into two images for better readability)


Script Caveats:

  1. Can run the script via scheduler or On-Demand
  2. Sorted based on descending order to list the oldest snapshots on top of the list
  3. Old reports are archived for future reference or troubleshooting purposes

Please let me know if you need the script to replicate for your V7K’s.

IBM Spectrum Scale a.k.a GPFS

I had recently attended IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS) training conducted by Kiran Ghag, STG, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. It was a very good learning experience to know about a 18+ year old product still roaring in the industry!! Many thanks Kiran for imparting this training to us.

Never knew that so many things are being developed, optimized and stabilized behind the scenes to improve user experience, performance and reliability of GPFS. There are many software defined NAS based solutions are there in the market but they are greenhorn when compared to GPFS. A truly meridian software suitable for high performance, large scale deployments. GPFS gives granular level of control over several File system and NAS operations that I never heard of…

I would love to write more and share experience on this product which I may do in near future… We’d be settting up a lab, do the hands on and build PoC solutions to compare and address existing challenges of various existing NAS products.

Meanwhile please refer to IBM Red Books and sites listed for self study. Also, leave your comments if your want to know any specific configuration or feature of Spectrum Scale.!/wiki/General%20Parallel%20File%20System%20%28GPFS%29